The Tyranny Of The Nullity

When the thinking or generic mind works exactly to plan then this equal ‘the nullity’, and the thinking or generic mind always works exactly to plan. It can’t not ‘work to plan’ because plans are all it has. The thinking mind is its own plan and so it has no other way to work! It acts out of the plan that is itself and it has no other way to act… When the thinking mind defines us then we are the nullity, and the thinking mind always defines us. We actually want the thinking mind to define us; we fear not being defined by the thinking mind more than anything else. To not be defined by the TM is our single greatest terror…


When we look into the psychology of the defined self (which is the only type of self there could be!) we discover something very interesting therefore – we discover that the psychology of the defined self is the psychology of something that doesn’t exist! We are investigating this something that isn’t real, so what exactly do we expect to come out of this? This is no hidden treasure to be found here, no matter how assiduously we may search.


At the same time however it is true to say that uncovering the true nature of the mind-created self is a very fruitful thing. The presumed existence of the mind-created self itself may turn out to be a damp squid, but its nonexistence is a veritable goldmine! The discovery of the mind-created self is the doorway to all sorts of wonders. It’s what we find to be untrue and nonexistent that helps us therefore, not the discovery of what is true, and what does exist…


The Generic Mind is the blueprint for a whole world, the only problem here being that it is a blueprint for a null world. Flaws in the blueprint always show themselves up in the final product, and the ‘final product’ in this case is both ‘the world we live in’ and ‘who we take ourselves to be’. The final product is ‘the conceptual word’ and ‘the concept we have of ourselves existing in it’, in other words. The flaw in the blueprint is the blueprint itself – the blueprint is ‘the flaw that we cannot see as a flaw’. The blueprint is ‘the flaw we cannot see to be a flaw’ because it is the template used to measure (or ‘determine’) everything else. We can’t see the flaw (or ‘error’) because we have made that flaw or error the basis for EVERYHTING, in other words!


For the Generic-or Rule-Based-Mind, ‘the flaw’ is when things don’t work out as planned; the ‘error’ or ‘mistake’ is when things don’t work out the way that the rules say that they should. To ‘make a mistake’ isn’t in itself necessarily such a terrible thing because we can always try again, and maybe things will work out better next time. Maybe we’ll ‘learn from my mistakes’ and get it right the next time; our mistakes give us valuable feed-back that allows us to correct (or ‘optimize’) our performance, after all… The problem is when things keep ‘not working out for us’, and there seems to be nothing that we do can change it! If this happens consistently enough then we will start to feel jinxed; we will lose confidence in ourselves in a big way. Our view of ourselves will change and we will develop what’s called ‘a negative self-image’. The self we’re identified with ‘isn’t any good’, it’s ‘defective,’ and yet we’re stuck with it. The self we have identified with is broken, damaged, not up to much, and yet it’s who we are. The self we have identified with is never going to get it right, and yet at the same time we are bound to live our lives on this unwanted basis. We can’t be happy with ourselves, and with life, unless we’re not the person that we are, and obviously this isn’t going to happen any time soon. We have ‘written ourselves off’, we have ‘rejected ourselves out of hand’, and yet how can we continue on this basis?


If we go back to what we said earlier however, regarding how when everything goes in according to plan (as the thinking mind very much wants it to go!) then the result is always the nullity, then we can see another side to this. Who is setting the standards here, after all, if not the thinking mind? When everything goes to plan then the result is ‘an own goal’, so to speak – what we’ve achieved as a result of our scrupulous adherence to the rules is a perfectly sterile, perfectly pointless world for us to live in! The reason for it being perfectly sterile and perfectly pointless is because two things had been effectively excluded – one is ‘reality’, and the other is ‘ourselves as we actually are’. Without these two ingredients being present there clearly isn’t going to be anything of much interest happening! Actually, nothing at all is going to be happening; nothing is going to be happening because we going to be locked into the world of the sterile rational ego.


The rational mind doesn’t see ‘reality’, it sees ‘categories’, it sees ‘classes’. It sees generic constructs in place of reality, in other words. It sees ‘abstractions in place of the actual’ and there is no way that it can avoid doing so. The rational ego is for this reason ‘a sterile abstraction’ and so too is the world it relates to! What this means is that what the generic mind calls ‘flaws’ – and has no time for – are actually the only interesting feature of the defined or conditioned world. The flaws are where life is breaking through. That’s where reality is to be found, not anywhere else; as Leonard Cohen says, ‘There’s a crack in everything, and that’s where the light gets in’. The same goes for the situation where we aren’t the way the generic mind says we should be – this is when we actually stand a chance of escaping from the hypnotic state of hypnotic identification with that abstraction/illusion which is the rational ego. When things ‘go wrong’ (as the generic mind sees it) then this is our chance of finding freedom from that all-determining mind – the error it discounts is after all reality itself.


What we are escaping from – if only we could see it – is the state of being ‘predetermined’. We are escaping from the ‘external authority’ of the rule-based mind and this isn’t by any means an easy thing to do! We are essentially addicted to that external authority – were ‘addicted’ because that’s where we get our sense of security. The rule-based mind tells us in no uncertain terms what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ and this is where our security comes from. Being told what is right and what is wrong IS our security – our security is this all-determining prison. Our security is having no freedom; it is having no means of questioning anything. The external authority of the rule-based mind is like a controlling parent – if we do well (according of course to their distorted idea of what that means) then we are rewarded, accepted, approved of. If we don’t do well (according again to this all-determining, all-defining framework) then we are punished, rejected, condemned out of hand. Oddly enough therefore, this is where our ‘sense of security’ comes from – it comes from being totally controlled, totally determined, totally defined. Our sense of security comes from having our freedom taken away, it comes from being ‘enslaved by the nullity‘.


We don’t want freedom from the all-determining authority of the rational mind, therefore. We don’t see it as freedom – we see it as ‘the end of our existence’. We see it as the end of our existence because that’s the only existence we know – the only existence we know is the conditioned existence of being told who or what we are every step of the way. The only existence we know is the conditioned existence of being told what is right and what is wrong every step of the way, and being rewarded or punished accordingly. The only form of existence we know is the existence that comes from following the rules, and rules are only abstractions. The only existence we know is the predetermined or conditioned existence that is given to us by generic or rule-based mind, and yet that mind itself does not exist. The rational/generic mind doesn’t exist anymore than the more than the classes or categories that make it up do. It’s no more than an ‘abstraction’, in other words…


This then is what we might call ‘the Tyranny of the Nullity’ – this is the Tyranny of the All-Determining and All-Controlling External Authority that provides us with the precious sense of security that comes when we are told ‘who we are’ and ‘what we are’; this is the Never-Ending Tyranny of the Generic Mind that provides us with the unquestionable security of being told at every step of the way whether we’re ‘getting it right’ or ‘getting it wrong’, even though everything it tells us is a lie…







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